2 thoughts on “Hackdom Hall of Fame

  1. “[W]hile the wealthy certainly have the ear of politicians, and also give a lot of money to those politicians, it’s not clear to me how tightly these things are linked on matters of broad national policy.”

    Does she understand the tight link between jumping into a swimming pool and getting wet?

    It’s not really a matter of not understanding the connection between campaign contributions and policy. It can’t be, because any fool knows those contributions exist for no other reason than to influence policy. What is mind boggling to me is the willingness and ability to write such utter bullshit and not only expect to be taken seriously, but also be able to walk past a mirror without averting your eyes. I wonder how far I would get into typing that sentence before I wrote, “…I can’t do this shit anymore.” Money’s nice, but once you sell your credibility, no amount of money will buy it back.

  2. I don’t. That is read her. Didn’t even have to click on the link to say, “McMegan is the ultimate proof that the Atlantic is not to be trusted.” Ever. Even when they print something that makes sense.

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