7 thoughts on “Why Romney might still win

  1. After Obama went totally Republican on us while the Republicans devolved to the exclusive service of the fascistic woman-hating neo-con oligarchs (‘became bat-shit crazy’ in the vernacular), the only real and logical choice is for that of a third party candidate.

    Convince everyone you know NOT to vote for EITHER a Republican or a Democrat (or we’re bound to get more of the same as we’ve just learned) and rather to pick one of the other candidates from lesser known parties. i’m going with Jill Stein of the Green Party, but there are others to compare to her: Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, James Harris of the Socialist Workers Party and Peta Lindsay of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, to name a few others.

    Do the same for congressional candidates – write in other people beside Republican (far right) and Democrat(now the Republicans of the past) all the way down to the state and local levels.

    Let’s give somebody else a whack at it, eh what?

  2. A Green Party candidate can not win the presidency or any other public office. Neither can any other third party candidate. But Romney and a Republican candidate running for public office can win. A vote for the Green Party or any other third party is a vote cast for the Republicans. As Rick Santorum said, “only stupid people vote Republican.”

  3. Funny, I thought it was the Democrat’s who pull out all the stops: New Black Panther Party hooligans and union thugs intimidating voters, and the old dead people votes that always seem to put them over the top, but don’t let facts get in the way of your story Reich……

  4. Marky Mark, you’re watching way too much of the FOX propaganda network. It really isn’t the place to get your “facts.”

  5. Marky Mark: If Romney wins this election you’ll be begging someone to borrow their foot so you can kick your own ass. It may even be one of those dreaded New Black Panthers you refer to to.

  6. as usual, just name calling or stupid comments from the democrats instead of you know, refuting the “facts”.

  7. Oh, sorry Marky, I didn’t realize you actually stated some facts. But, here’s a fact for you: Unless you are in the $250,000 yearly pay range, then Romney has already written your ass off his agenda. That IS what he said, right?

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