Injury of the week

I was painting a piece of furniture in my bedroom while sitting on a stepladder. I kind of slid off the ladder, it folded and I landed on my butt. Result? What appears to be a minor tear in the ligament under my kneecap. So between that and the broken toe, I’m still hobbling around.

My sister said she has accidents like this all the time, and reminded me that our mother did, as well. Apparently we’re a cohort of klutzes! (In other news, it turns out that completely independent of each other, my sister and I purchased the exact same bedroom curtains. We really are turning into our mother.)

3 thoughts on “Injury of the week

  1. True, true. I was always told, “you’re gonna be just like your dad.” Hah, I replied, no way! Imagine my horror a couple of years ago when I looked in the mirror one morning and saw my dad looking back out at me.

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