3 thoughts on “Corbett approval in the tank

  1. Right, but…he’s still there. Still in power. Do any legislator face election this year? Or are they safe along with Corbett?

    Because when Obama pulls his tricks on SocSec and Medicare, Dems will be toast.

    Time for a new party which gives a damn about the 99 Percent. Or for a takeover of the Dem Party to bring it back to its senses and its principles. However, the Big Money boys seem to have done a leveraged buyout of the Dem Party. Soon, they’ll cash out and leave a shell of the former party. Or a dead party, for true one party rule.

    We need to work on a new party NOW, which can be merged with the remaining Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, or can be a viable altenative.

    SOOOooooo much easier said that done!

  2. After the GOP self-immolates, the Democratic party will split in two.

    Probably into a “conservative, stupid” faction and a “MORE conservative, MORE stupid” faction, but perhaps I’m just a pessimist.

    At least we’ll get the entertainment of a GOP auto da fe.

  3. Susie: Lower in the poll data, 2% of the polltakers targeted likely voters lacked the state ID as of the poll date. That projects to a lot of likely voters and whole lot more registered and unregistered voters.

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