Holy crap

Even for Pennsylvania, this is outrageous:

LET ME TELL YOU about a bill that’s been flying through Harrisburg with so little public input, it seems meant to screw us.

House Bill 2224 would allow political leaders to get rid of certain types of public parks any time they felt it was for the best – and “best” could mean whatever they wanted it to mean.

So they could sell off a park if, say, their borough needed cash to pay for a new firehouse. Or if a favorite developer needed a lucrative site to build townhouses. Or if they thought a strip mall would make better use of the land than a baseball diamond would.

And no matter how we yelled or threatened to vote these people out of office if they took our parks, HB 2224 would let them do it anyway. Because the bill takes away the court oversight that currently protects these parks from political whim.

I wish I were making this up. But I’m not. And I wish there were more time to halt HB 2224 so the public could debate its merits and drawbacks. But there isn’t.

To contact your senator about HB 2224, go to philaparks.org and click on “Take Action Now!” (on the right). The links will help you find and contact your senator.