4 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. Oh, so sad. And what a voice he kept until the end!

    My elderly neighbor, who had been a smoker until her 60’s, got bladder cancer. It’s supposedly almost always seen in people who have been heavy smokers. She didn’t die of, but had to have the interior surface of her bladder scraped intermittently. It was so hard for her to quit, but she eventually did it.

    Hers was caught before the cancer had reached the outside of the bladder, so supposedly, if she had not died of heart issues, she would have lived even longer and would not have died from that cancer.

    I had never known smoking caused bladder cancer until she was diagnosed with it, but it’s apparently one of the bad results of smoking.

  2. Oh, and the bladder cancer was detected long after she had quit smoking. Just another thing for smokers to worry about….

  3. E gads a 1961 photo that looks right to me! He did a pretty fair variety show for a number of years and could he sing.

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