Voting by mail

In Oregon, you can only vote by mail. So people are much more likely to vote — and you can check the status of your ballot online!

Advocates for election fairness have long argued that the current voting system is dilapidated and unfair. Many people cannot afford to take time off from work on a Tuesday to spend time in line and cast their ballot. Participation in democracy should be encouraged, while the current system makes voting more difficult. In the Oregon system, the first Tuesday of November is a normal day; Curry County schools remain open this November 6. Ballots are mailed October 19, and citizens have until election day to complete them. You can even track your ballot online to make sure it was safely mailed and counted. Oregon has changed the entire voting experience for the better (except maybe the “I Voted” sticker).

One thought on “Voting by mail

  1. You forgot Washington! (via Wikipedia):

    As with most states, Oregon residents must register in advance to be able to vote via absentee ballot. Washington. Like Oregon, the State of Washington conducts all elections via vote-by-mail.

    If you drop you ballot off, you can get a sticker.

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