Nazis gaining in Greece

This is, after all, how Hitler did it. Make people desperate enough, and they’ll grasp at anything:

Greece’s political barometer for September has revealed that 54 percent of Greeks do not trust any political party. The measure of the popularity of political parties has shown a dramatic swing in favour of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

Whilst politicians are held in low regard and more than half of Greek citizens are so disillusioned with the political process that 54 percent no longer trust any political party, there are a few notable changes in the political landscape.

A report in shows that the popularity of the the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen 10 points since May, winning the party a popularity score of 22 percent. Moreover, their share of the vote as evidenced in polls for September, now stands at 13 percent.

3 thoughts on “Nazis gaining in Greece

  1. Not to worry. Greece isn’t 1920’s Germany. Besides the Catholic Church isn’t behind the Golden Dawn movement like they were behind the Nazi Party. The Catholic Church would still like to kill every Orthodox Christian alive—the real reason Hitler was given the greenlight by the oligarchy to invade Russia—but what the world will tolerate has changed dramatically since then. Greece invented ‘democracy’ and they know how to manipulate it against the plutocrats.

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