Fuck the elites

So Pete Peterson-surrogate David Walker is pushing a new deficit plan, I guess because people are connecting the dots about Simpson Bowles. Check out the insight into how the Very Serious People think:

To most Democrats’ chagrin, Walker’s group wants to block-grant Medicaid, repeal and scale back parts of the Affordable Care Act, and raise taxes on Americans who are above the poverty live but pay no federal income taxes, as it outlined in a 2011 fiscal reform plan.

“There are a lot of people well above the poverty rate who aren’t paying income tax,” says Walker, the former Comptroller General who previously ran Pete Peterson’s foundation. He acknowledges that the tax change won’t be a big money saver. “That’s not going to generate a lot of money, but we’ve got to have more people have a stake in government finance,” he explains, adding that the framework would hold middle-class taxpayers harmless.

Punitive taxation! The man is a genteel monster.

We’ve seen this kind of “gentle” character guidance from our betters again and again. These are the same geniuses who decided people were being wasteful with their medical benefits, and instituted significant co-pays that did exactly what they wanted: kept sick people from going to the doctor’s. It worked so well that people were getting seriously ill, because they delayed seeing a doctor until their condition was serious. Progress!

God, I hate these people.

3 thoughts on “Fuck the elites

  1. We need to borrow a page from the Tea Party. These bastards are walking away from the New Deal programs that were the center of Democratic politics for two generations. This is war! Make it clear that you will never again vote for someone who cuts social programs for deficit reduction while actually enlarging the deficit to fund more wars and granting tax relief to the upper class. Primary…hell no that’s a rigged game. File a progressive candidate against every Democrat who signs on and contest the general election. Really folks the Green Party deserves another look. They occupy the political space that was long ago abandoned by the neo-liberals. If you must, make this your last “lesser evil” vote in November. But when they turn around to serve you your spleen in the name of austerity, time to say enough.

  2. Damn Iless and Adams, where the fuck were y’all when we were protesting—-and getting arrested and getting our heads bloodied—-while this same shit was going on in the late 60’s and 70’s? Oh, that’s right, y’all were just babies. Sorry.

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