Wish they’d do it here!

Italy’s Catholic Church will be forced to pay taxes starting in 2013 after the EU pressured the country’s government to pass a controversial law stripping the Church of its historic property tax exemption.

The Catholic Church in Italy is excluded from paying taxes on its land if at least a part of a Church property is used non-commercially – for instance, a chapel in a bed-and-breakfast.

“The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 – the start of the fiscal year – and will fully respect the [European] Community law,” Italian premier Mario Monti’s government said in a statement on Tuesday.

The move could net Italy revenues of 500 million to 2 billion euros annually across the country, municipal government associations said. The extra income from previously exempt properties in Rome alone – including hotels, restaurants and sports centers – could reach 25.5 million euros a year, La Repubblica daily newspaper reported.

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  1. Hillary screwed the pooch and got Ambassador Stevens killed at a CIA outpost in Libya. And as late as yesterday she’s saying, “I know nothing.” Yet we’re talking about anal sex, one right wing crazy in Philly, and taxing the Catholic Church in Italy? What’s wrong with this picture? Isn’t there an election coming up?

  2. I am not a tax lawyer, but I believe that charities/non-profits in the US do pay taxes on the income from commercial properties. For example, NYU Law School had been given the Mueller’s Egg Noodle company. They kept it for a few years and then sold it because it was a pain to pay the income taxes and keep it all separate. So a church or school (think Columbia University) that runs an apartment house pays taxes on the buildings that are clearly commercial operations.

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