Lame duck

Interesting. I wonder if he’ll stick to this:

DEPEW, N.Y. — For everyone pining for a sweeping deficit deal after the election, Speaker John Boehner has a message.
Don’t hold your breath.

In an interview here, the Ohio Republican said cobbling together a large-scale deal during the lame-duck session of Congress would not only be hard, but also the wrong thing for the country.

“I think that’s difficult to do,” Boehner said when asked about the prospects for a large-scale deficit deal in November and December. “You know, and frankly, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do — have a lot of retiring members and defeated members voting on really big bills. Eh, probably not the appropriate way to handle the lame duck.”

One thought on “Lame duck

  1. What a perverse fount of hope. His polling might show his majority in play or he has a pretty good idea that his defeated members are going to be dominantly firebrands. The wingnuts will not sign off on a compromise on the way out the door.

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