Why voter ID isn’t just ‘common sense’


A recent study by other researchers focusing on the swing-state of Pennsylvania found that one in seven voters there lack an ID — one in three in Philadelphia — with minorities far more likely than whites to fall into this category.  In fact, every study around notes this disparate demographic trend, even the low-number outlier study preferred by Hans van Spakovsky, the conservative Heritage Foundation’s voter “integrity” activist: its authors still found that “registered voters without photo IDs tended to be female, African-American, and Democrat.”

4 thoughts on “Why voter ID isn’t just ‘common sense’

  1. Perhaps there should be some follow-up as to why this demographic is lacking ID, and propose some remedies for it. Simply saying that they lack ID is not reason to not require ID. After all, we need ID to purchase alcohol, the DNC required ID for entrance to its convention, ID is needed to gain entrance to fund raisers for Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Are those venues discriminating against minorities? Implying that we should not require voter ID from minorities is insulting to those minorities; that they are somehow incapable of getting it. I work at an agency that helps folks apply for Medicaid, SSI benefits, etc. Why can’t we help people get ID and assure voter integrity?

  2. Why? The answer’s obvious. Poor people have less access to money for transportation, and can’t afford to take off from work to wait hours for an ID. Even if you agree that it’s okay to require ID to vote (personally, I don’t, since there’s no documented problem with fake voters), consider the radical idea that people who are entitled to vote should be able to use any identification at all, including utility bills. After all, your electric bill is good enough to pick up a package at UPS!

  3. Speaking of ID’s. One school district in Texas has now issued ID tracking devices to all of its students. It’s hung around the neck on a lanyard, has your photo, and a bar code containing all your required info. It is able to track your exact location every minute of the day and night. They claim it’s to help take attendance at the schools. Why not just require an implant at birth and eliminate all of the paperwork throughout life? Big Brother is watching YOU.

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