4 thoughts on “Just to make things interesting

  1. How do we stop them? Force? They own the supreme court.
    This is going to be a closer election than anyone realizes.

  2. The Galactic Alignment occurs on December 21, 2012. That only happens every 25,800 years which is known as the Great Year. The GY is divided into cycles. Iron (low point for humanity), Bronze, Silver and Gold (high point for humanity). We are ending the Iron cycle and passing into the Bronze cycle. Each cycle takes 2000 years or so to pass through. Imhotep and Amenhotep were the standouts of the last Bronze cycle. In 600 BC the great philosophers Zoroaster, Buddha and Confucius warned about the onset of the Iron cycle. The Christ and Muhammad did their best to try and guide mankind through this 2000 year cycle. So we now enter the Bronze cycle. Which by its very nature is a better place to be.

  3. Whatever, I’ve been concerned about which vicious house my moon has been in over the past two weeks. Cell phone died, computer died, car died all within 48 hours. Then to frost the cake, I had it confirmed that my home’s value is down 33% over what it was in 2008; I’m now only $1 K from being underwater. So much for the Age of Aquarius, I’m now a card carrying member of the Holy Shit! generation.

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