Victims of their own paranoia

This really is laughable. Apparently some of these racist wingnuts believe their own lies and think there are thousands of fraudulent voters lurking in minority neighborhoods? Oh well, better that they’re spending their money on this crap than getting out the vote:

COLUMBUS, Ohio –The sign says “voter fraud is a felony,” which it is. The problem is that many of the billboards are in minority neighborhoods.

Civil rights and labor groups have denounced the billboards as an attempt to intimidate minority voters.

“Intimidating billboards that point out voter fraud are appearing in predominantly African American communities in Ohio, despite little to no evidence that voter fraud exists,” said Ohio AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Pierrette “Petee” Talley in a statement.

Clear Channel vice president of marketing, Jim Cullinan said, “the signs are accurate and are not an attack ads and that is why the signs will remain.”

NBC4: The name on the bottom of the ad says, “Private Family Foundation” who are they?

“The advertiser asked to remain anonymous,” said Cullinan.

NBC4: Is that a common practice?

“No, someone in sales made a mistake, but we have signed a contract and cannot remove the ad,” he said.

In other words, someone waved a wad of cash under their noses and oops, forgot to get a name!