Well played, Barry, but what about jobs?

Standing up to lying scoundrels was never your strong suit, Barry, and you hit a new low in the first debate, so it was a relief to see you kick butt when the Romneybot unleashed a fusillade of new lies in the second.

You said “What Governor Romney said just isn’t true” early on, when he lied about his reasons for opposing the bailout of the auto industry. You told him it was “offensive” to play politics regarding the death of four diplomats in Libya, and you said “Get the transcript” when he lied about what you said the day after the diplomats were killed. You nailed him on his absurd claim that he could both install tax cuts and reduce the federal deficit.

Your best moment came when you articulated what’s at the rotten core of his plan to revitalize the economy:

Romney says he’s got a five-point plan. Governor Romney doesn’t have a five-point plan; he has a one-point plan. And that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. That’s been his philosophy in the private sector; that’s been his philosophy as governor; that’s been his philosophy as a presidential candidate. You can make a lot of money and pay lower tax rates than somebody who makes a lot less. You can ship jobs overseas and get tax breaks for it. You can invest in a company, bankrupt it, lay off the workers, strip away their pensions, and you still make money.

Unfortunately for you and the rest of us, you revealed next to nothing about your plan…

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4 thoughts on “Well played, Barry, but what about jobs?

  1. Obama’s plan is to not follow the Romney plan. That should be good enough for any thoughtful Progressive.

  2. …and I’m sick of hearing about any politician’s ‘job’s plan’. With the House full of far right partiers who have done nothing to help create ANY jobs since 2010, what good does it do to hear Obama promote another plan? The House has had a jobs bill from Obama for over a year!

  3. Your jobs have been outsourced, deal with it, is the plan Obama articulated. I notice that progressive commentors are turning a deaf ear to that clunker.

  4. lless, exactly what would you do if you were King to get those jobs back from overseas? My guess is that you’d do nothing. Beacuse there’s nothing that you could do. Blame Bill Clinton for all of those lost jobs.

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