Semantic distinction

Professor Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University says some people don’t want to hear about global warming because “it gets in the way of their economic interests.”

Chris Matthews of MSNBC says, “Well Professor Oppenheimer, back in the ‘60s, we called such people pigs.”

I say Matthews is impolite, but not incorrect.

3 thoughts on “Semantic distinction

  1. Chris is a rude, impolite pundit to begin with, and that’s exactly what I like about him! A pig is still a pig even if it’s wearing lipstick.

  2. This seems an appropriate place. “We will have world government, whether we like it or not. The question is whether it will be by conquest or consent.” Paul Warburg, the director of the Council on Foreign Relations said that 90 odd years ago. (If you don’t know who Warburg is…???) What was Warburg talking about? Here’s a hint: “Imagine there’s no countries….” Now for Charlie Manson. In the houses at the Tate murders and at the La Bianca murders Manson instructed his cohorts to write the word “Pig” in blood on the walls. He got the idea from the “White Album” and the song “Piggies.” Isn’t life strange?

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