5 thoughts on “‘The rape thing’

  1. How nice that these closet ‘rape supporters’ keep on crawling into public view right before the election. Have they developed Romneysia: Rape is Rape and is a fucking crime. Period!

  2. Life begins the moment the sperm hits the egg. So says the infallible Pope and the members of the Christian Right who all speak directly to God. All of us hear voices in our heads from time to time. But very few of us think it’s God talking to us. Right???

  3. The Right seems to forget that there are verses in Scripture where Satan tries to disguise himself as God when speaking to Jesus. Hell, if Satan tried that crap on Jesus then surely the Pope and the Christian Right could just as easily be fooled. Ya’ think?

  4. These guys talk like having a child and giving it away is so easy peasy!!! Like taking a cat to the pound.

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