4 thoughts on “Rhetorical question

  1. There’s a Mitt Romney ad posted at the foot of The Free Press story. Editorial placement? Those two software downdate numbers should be checked for installation in other states having the same equipment. Find that ESS hardware in a State having a Democratic Secretary of State and you should get prompt response.

  2. At last count, the beta patches were now being installed in 44 of the 88 counties with more presumably on the way. Apparently the Secretary of State in Ohio Jon Husted has his crack legal staffs combing the statutes for more loopholes in the law in order to ensure a Willard victory since his attempts at voter suppression were blocked by the courts.

  3. The DOJ should invalidate the Ohio vote immediately, and postpone that election until objective third parties clean up the software.
    Otherwise, the Presidency is once again stolen by Republicans, just like it was in 2000 and 2004.

  4. What I am questioning is whether we have a crash portal that is designed to lose the results after the polls close. If Obama needs Ohio to top 270 and it can’t be reconstructed, the courts have two choices. An unprecedented order to re-vote the State is one. The other is to remit the controversy to the House. If Romney leads the popular, we have an electronic coup-d’etat.

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