On the whole

I’m pleased with yesterday’s results. Once again, we see that the Blue Dog mentality of the DCCC (yes, you, Steve Israel!) kept us from taking the House in what shaped up to be a wave election.

But we now have some real progressives (WOMEN!) in the Senate, and we held onto Sherrod Brown. Gimme that old-time liberal religion!

Plus, Alan Grayson!

Every rape apologist went down.

Three out of ten tea bag politicians targeted by CREDO SuperPac went down, and they just missed two more — including Michelle Bachmann. (Note: These people have proved they know what they’re doing. Give them money.)

Marriage equality and marijuana legalization passed in several states.

African-American voters saved Obama’s butt in a very big way. Now it’s time for him to step up for the black community.

The unions saved Obama by pouring tremendous resources into Ohio. Now it’s time for card check.

If I was going to take away one thing, it’s that voters got the message about Republican obstructionism and they didn’t want to reward it. So they didn’t.

8 thoughts on “On the whole

  1. 60% of the white vote went to Romney. There are two categories of people in the United States. The blockheads who voted for Republicans and those with good judgement who voted for Democrats. Some may say that there are actually three categories of people. The aforementioned categories and a third group of folks who voted for third party candidates. Unfortunately most of those in this third group are delusional. So they should be given a pat on the head and then ignored.

  2. The Republicans lardered a marriage amendment and a voter ID amendment onto the state ballot in Minnesota to motivate the fringe. Both lost. Meantime Bachmann nearly went down in a district freshly gerrymandered to conservatives. Kline had his closest election ever. And Michele’s soulmate Alan Quist got shellacked in the First despite a Republican index. Hey you guys, I have a great idea. Put those props back on the ballot next time!

  3. “… a pat on the back and ignored.” I will be reminding you of this for the rest of Obama’s term. You own it buddy and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  4. One other bright spot from last night’s results now occurs to me. If you look at outcomes where they meddled, the Catholic church burned 50% of the little credibility they have remaining.

  5. …and good riddance to the Allen Wests, the Akins, the idiot that Tammy Duckworth beat, and the asshole who said something about God approved of women being raped. I hope the all these nutcakes, and those I missed, fall off the face of the earth.

  6. Imho, I voted third party and am not delusional.
    I think that every progressive in a safe-for-Obama state (such as California) should vote their conscience, both on moral grounds and on pragmatic grounds.

    BTW, the fact that 60% of the white electorate voted for the spectacularly greedy and blatantly dishonest Obama really says something about the enduring power of racism.

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