Fear of a black planet, updated

Chris Rock made a funny pre-election video in which he pretended to argue to white voters that Barack Obama was as white as they are, therefore they should vote for him. His appeals fell on deaf ears, especially among old white men. But the times they are a-changin’. From The Nation:

If only white people had voted on Tuesday, Mitt Romney would have carried every state except for Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut and New Hampshire, according to the news media’s exit polls. Nationally, Romney won 59 percent of the white vote, a towering twenty-point margin over Obama. (Exit polls were canceled in nineteen states by the consortium of news media that run them…)

…What’s the matter with white people—especially old white men? They used to run everything. But their share of the electorate has been falling steadily: twenty years ago whites were 87 percent of the electorate; this year they were 72 percent. Could it be that they resent their loss of power in a country that is becoming more racially diverse every minute? The rest of America wants to know…

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