Flood insurance

Lots of things go into making the program inadequate. One of those things is that the premiums are based on flood maps that haven’t been updated in decades. I saw this as a reporter. The state leg required updated stormwater reports for each watershed (passed the law in 1987), but counties refused to update them because the developers didn’t want them to do it. And so on.

This is an opportunity to update the program, and I hope the feds don’t fall apart under the weight of the politics. If anything, these storms are going to get worse, and we need to start moving people out of harm’s way.

2 thoughts on “Flood insurance

  1. All those homes on the Jersey Shore, on Staten Island, on Long Island from Coney Island to wherever — those homes are not going to be rebuilt. Oh, some few will, of course, but most will have to take what they can get from their insurance (good luck there) and “self-deport.”

  2. A lot of the people in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, etc. don’t have flood insurance. They think it’s too expensive now.

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