One thought on “Ever get the feeling

  1. Who’s really at fault here? Netanyahu says that Israel is justified in bombing Gaza and killing women and children because “more than a million Israelis living in southern Israel can’t live normal lives when militants keep firing rockets into that area.” What this Zionist ass-clown doesn’t say is that Israel has turned Gaza into a concentration camp and its residents into prisoners who can be killed at will. The 1.6 million residents of Gaza have never lived normal lives. Because Israel has enforced a total blockade against Gaza for 50 years. Planes can’t fly in, ships can’t dock, and nobody can ‘eneter’ or ‘leave’ without Israel’s permission. The United States is an accomplice to Israel’s war crimes by supporting their illegal behavior. Don’t you think that the people in the Arab street are paying attention? Planes into towers. So whose fault was that?

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