3 thoughts on “The final solution

  1. Spoken like a true Fascist Gilad Sharon. Wars have consequences. Iran has 2800 centrifuges able to produce fissile material set up in an underground facility that no bunker-buster bomb(s) can destroy. Iran has not turned on those centrifuges. Yet. On Wednesday Israel started a phoney political war with Hamas in Gaza. (For 3 political reasons.) On Thursday Iran announced that it was seriously considering firing up those 2800 centrifuges. Are these two events connected? Israel is a menace to the Peace of the world.

  2. The creation of Gaza and the settlements are exercises in ethnic cleansing gone on now for fifty years. The embargo and the occupation are purportedly temporary apartheid administrations made necessary to secure the cleansed areas. The issue has never really been recognition of Israel so much as a demand for submitting to the force based land grabs and subservient regional status for the Palestinians. Those rockets are a reminder that the status quo is the permanent reality for the Palestinians and they reject it. The world only really pays attention during these interludes. Those rockets are the self defense in this picture. Let it rain rockets all over Isreal until she returns to her 1967 boundaries.

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