To learn that tickets are fixed in Philadelphia!

While Traffic Court workers or family members had an acquittal rate of 84 percent, the public overall had an acquittal rate of just 26 percent, according to data analyzed by Chadwick’s team.

In an interview with the team, Lowry said he had acted upon requests for special consideration – up until the FBI raids.

When Lowry was sworn into office in 2008, he said, then-Administrative Judge DeAngelis told him, “You have to do what you have to do – just be careful.”

According to former Senior Judge Hogeland, DeAngelis also urged him to fix tickets.

“This is Philadelphia. We do things a lot different in Philadelphia,” Hogeland, also certified as a district judge in Bucks County, said she told him.

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  1. I have few outstanding tickets. Maybe I can get Jannie Blackwelll to do something about that. It seems to be one of her skills.

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