Cold and mold in the Rockaways

And Mayor Bloomberg’s stealth visit:

These people are so fucked, and of course the national media doesn’t bother to cover their plight. Anyone who’s waiting for the city government to fix things will have a very long wait. Yet they’re closing down the Occupy Sandy supply hubs, where they’re actually helping people? Fuck them.

3 thoughts on “Cold and mold in the Rockaways

  1. This is the best example we have of the coming future – environmental degradation through neglect of infrastructure, continued use of fossil fuels (when the storm itself was made unusually stronger by the excess CO2 in the air) making matters ever worse, and the lack of response by “our” government.

    Just wait til the food riots begin (when the midwestern “bread basket” states once again fail to raise enough grain and other foods to meet the needs of the populace this coming spring and summer, as the drought continues, as predicted – a result of CO2 pollution). The police and military, finding themselves in the same sinking boat as everyone else defect to the people.

    The 1% will be hunted down before long, while banks and corporations will cease to exist while the collapse of civilization rolls on, unstoppable, and chaos becomes the norm. We’re witnessing the breakdown of society every day at an increasing rate of decay. Our way of life is unsustainable.

  2. Have the police defected to the people in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal? For some reason, the Irish just seem to be taking — and their mobile educated are leaving in the ten’s of thousands. Yet again. Maybe Ireland has suffered so much the people’s Plan A is wait a minimum time and then emigrate. Plan B is…? Suffer?

  3. FDL post on Bloomberg’s action against an Occupy Sandy donations site. WTF?

    Is he so scared of people power arising against the legacy parties that he does this idiocy?

    NYers, call Mayor Mike. Anyone who gives a damn about people call Mayor Mike.

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