3 thoughts on “The right time to talk about guns in America

  1. Wanna talk about guns ? Here ya go:


    ‘People who don’t trust their neighbors are more likely to think guns will provide security. In this way the number of guns and the number of homicides both stem from the same root, suggesting that guns don’t cause murders anymore than cars cause fatal accidents. This was also the conclusion of a policy paper conducted by the London-based Centre for Economic Policy Research in 2005 that found no support for the argument that more guns cause more homicides. “The appearance of such an effect in past research,” wrote the authors, “appears to be the product of methodological flaws.” Unfortunately, gun control may not save us after all.’

  2. Well Mr. Lynch, you got some splainin to do. If its not guns, then you have to explain why the US is four times more homicidal than Canada, Britain, France, Spain and most of our nearest Western counterparts, even while we have more people in jail under longer sentences. How then is it that as a nation and people we are four times as deranged and violent?

  3. We are four times as deranged and violent because of culture signals and then add access to weapons, hey, man, we are all ready for the coming civil war, don’t ya know?

    I live in particularly gun laden area, and getting a gun at a young age, if you are a male, is a rite of passage. Now, for some of the more freaky types down here, taking the the daughter to the shooting range is becoming more common. Most households have a gun and everyone assumes it. Kennesaw, suburb of Atlanta, still requires one in every household.
    Now, I have lived out in the sticks where one should have at least a shotgun in the house, mostly because of coyotes and feral dog packs. They kill livestock and pets. And when those wild animals are caught in the act, they get aggressive on the uprights. It is not like being scared of the neighbor’s German Shepard. It’s a real deal. I have had to use my “Second Amendment Rights” on an aggressive animals more than once and it was not a pleasant or gratifying experience, believe me. I am no hunter. I understand very well that a gun can be a tool.
    That being said, the pushback from the “Second Amendment” folks on waiting periods, the gunshow loopholes, and the questioning of folks that want assault weapons and having to report purchase of ammunition in bulk seems ridiculous to me…… if it is legitimate, it is.
    But, I grew up in Atlanta in the 70’s. When I worked my part time job at a health food place, while in high skool, some fellow walked in and pointed a gun at my coworker, who was at the cash register. She gave him all the money and we got pinned into the back bathroom by gunpoint.
    Interesting experience…..

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