Cracking down

I don’t praise McCaskill very often, but this is a good thing if it’s not vetoed:

WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a sweeping overhaul on Tuesday of the U.S. government’s wartime contracting procedures, the largest such reform in decades. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-Mo.) amendment, included in the national defense bill, is aimed at improving oversight and cracking down on the rampant waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars in contracting practices.

“While these wars wind down, we can’t lose the urgency to correct these mistakes and prevent them from being repeated in the future,” said McCaskill in a statement. “Protecting taxpayer dollars isn’t the flashiest issue. But it’s a promise I made to Missourians, and it’s something I pledge to continue fighting for, with dogged determination, until this legislation is signed into law.”

2 thoughts on “Cracking down

  1. Speaking of the NDAA, we now know who will replace Joe Lieberman in the warmongers club. Christopher Coons (D-Delaware) will join John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Carl Levin. None of these gentlemen has ever met a country that they wouldn’t intervene in militarily. You gotta love the Zionists in Congress.

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