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  1. Uh, Obama doesn’t, so why should any “Democrat” support the principles of the part of the party they want to destroy? The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party is trying to gain some traction, but the money people are not supporting them. Warren is going to be good on banking, but where does she really stand on other Democratic, true Democratic, issues?

    Wars, war on the lower classes, that’s the new raison d’etre for the Democratic (Corporatist) Party.

    Not for nothing was Obama selected by Wall Street to be their guy in the WH. No Republican could have protected Wall Street the way Obama did and continues to do.

    We were flim-flammed, conned, cheated, lied to, fooled big time, suckered…by Obama and the Corporatists. Go great together, don’t they?

    Now, after Obama gets through with Baining SocSec and Medicare, what will be left of the party he claims to represent? He has enacted a leveraged buy out, hollowed out the things of value, and there will be a shell, a name brand, that Corporatists can take over entirely and run into the ground. Until they emerge as the Democratic Corporatist Party, DCP. Or, maybe, just as the Republicans they are.

    Lambert called it a leveraged buyout back in 2008, and he was oh so terribly spot on.

    As for me, I had little hope for Obama, but never dreamed he would turn out to be as bad as he is. Wow. I must learn to be ever more skeptical, even cynical. You see, I still have hope for this country and that can be manipulated….

  2. Yeah, if ever there was a clear indication that Obama is a perhaps slightly right of center REPUBLICAN in his deeds, signing statements and policies, the name Democrat is at best “misleading” as the party should honestly be renamed Republican lite. i said this repeatedly up to the election in writing on this blog that if i were a Republican who was still sane i’d vote for Obama because he gave them almost everything they wanted using his version of “compromise” which involved giving them everything they want with at most minor adjustments. He was most definitely Bush III his first term and now IV since he’s carrying out all the same bogus wars and has started new ones. Besides that he’s done nothing on the environmental front to which humanity and civilization is the single biggest threat to all life on the planet.

  3. Yup. Now what do we do about it? The Tea Partiers may be batshit crazy, but they have the Republican Party by the nuts. We whine and then kowtow.

  4. While I’m being a crank, has everyone noticed that in all this talk about raising taxes on the wealthiest, no one even mentions the carried interest rule? Hedge fund managers are the top of the pyramid. Yet they are taxed at 15% (or in Romney’s case 13%) because they invest other people’s money. There is not an economic justification in the world for this. Its just the product of all that monetary free speech in our political system. There is not a reform pending that touches it. So I repeat my pet theme, free Blagoyovich!

  5. The fact that Dems are a party of the masses is a mythology. Lance Selfa debunks it thoroughly in “Democrats A critical history”. Also check out “The fortune of change ” by Dave Callahan. The Dem party is being funded by hedge fund managers like this guy and hence the ever ratcheting effect in the economically conservative direction. Like police state mayor-for-life Bloomy, these people might throw us a liberal shiny object like GLBT rights etc(not to demean the GLBT rights issue), and while we are blinded by it, they proceed to loot even more.

  6. Here is a quote I saved from a review of David Callahan’s book “Fortunes of change : the rise of the liberal rich and the remaking of America” which hit it out of the park :
    “a great deal of left-leaning money is flowing into Democratic campaign coffers and nifty-sounding causes like global warming, world hunger and education reform – but the same progressives put their checkbooks away in a hurry when economic justice issues arise like the minimum wage, paid sick leave and the right to form unions. In Callahan’s memorable phrase, many of today’s rich liberals care more about polar bears than the janitors who clean their offices”.

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