Can the Republicans be saved from obsolescence?

Interesting piece in the Times.

I know a lot of progressive digital strategists, and it’s funny to read about them as if they’re infallible. They’re not. They’re just better than the Republicans, a lot better. The problem you run into with progressive strategists is, sooner or later, they need/want a regular job and lose the ability to think outside of the bounds of what is acceptable within their career path.

Then another new wave of tech geeks will come along and make them obsolete, too.

3 thoughts on “Can the Republicans be saved from obsolescence?

  1. They sell out. That’s the bottom line. They become the very people they so ardently rail against. Which is why nothing ever really changes. The 1% has a little saying about this very thing. “If you’re not a liberal when you’re young then you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old then you have no brain.” Where are ‘you’—the giant ‘you’ in the sky—on this continuum?

  2. i hope they become obsolete and i hope the dimocrats follow suit. They’ve combined into utter uselessness as agents of progressive change and are but tools of the corporate state now. They’ve ushered in austerity, shredded the Constitution and trashed the Bill of Rights, frozen wages, off-shored jobs and wealth, cut benefits, allowed all manner of toxic pollution to creep into our food, our air and our water (and then we wonder why cancer is so prevalent), and replaced the heads of our “watchdog” agencies with representatives of the very industries they were designed to regulate, allowed massive malfeasance on Wall Street, allowed all manner of spying and now killing of Americans on our own soil, and continue to hear the voices of the corporate “people” and ignore the real ones. We no longer live in a democracy or live by the rule of law – we’ve become a banana republic, complete with fiat currency and dictatorial leadership backed by a police state.

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