Prominent Republicans coming out in support of gay marriage and immigration reform? It just goes to show: Prominent Republicans don’t really care about these social issues. Never did. These issues were useful “rube bait” for a long time, but now that Republicans can’t win an election, they’re looking for a bigger tent full of all new rubes. All they’re trying to change is their image. Let me know when they come out in favor of a progressive tax system that doesn’t favor the wealthy, funding for quality education for all and a sane environmental policy. Then I will know something’s actually changed.

4 thoughts on “Rubefishing

  1. Talk about rubefishing, Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of Chained-CPI yesterday. Along with Senators Mark Warner, Tom Harkin, Carl Levin and others. They all claim that Chained-CPI would help to “save the Social Security System.” The also all continue to call Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” which they are not. It’s not Obama who is taking down the Democratic Party. Or who is recommending that economic violence be visited upon the poor and on workers. It’s the leadership of the Democratic Party.

  2. Whoa, Imho these blackouts need medical attention! What were the components of the Obama Grand Bargain offer to the Republicans in 2011 again?

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