Yet another reason why I love charter schools

They offer upward mobility to the strangest people!

When Camden’s LEAP Academy University Charter School compelled its new food-service management company to retain the school’s executive chef and give him a $24,000 raise, LEAP also had to pay a $151,428 penalty to its previous vendor, documents show.

Including Michele Pastorello’s new $95,000 salary, LEAP has spent nearly $250,000 this school year to keep him employed as executive chef. The position typically pays about $40,000, according to industry experts.

Pastorello is the live-in boyfriend of LEAP founder and board chairwoman Gloria Bonilla-Santiago. His raise, as well as the fee paid to the previous management company, Aramark, now are under review by the school’s board of trustees.

On Friday, Aramark issued a pointed response to suggestions by LEAP that it was replaced because it was not meeting the school’s nutritional goals.

Bonilla-Santiago has recused herself from votes dealing with the food-service contracts. Through a spokesman, she has declined to be interviewed.

2 thoughts on “Yet another reason why I love charter schools

  1. It’s nice to see private sector merit on parade in our public schools. Next up golden parachutes for falling test scores.

  2. Well, it took me about 35 minutes but then I realized that this is sarcasm. Irony? Onion?

    I’m the first to admit that I’m a dumbass and sometimes only read the headlines.

    Anyway, schools suck these days. Yes, that’s my own grandmotherly experience talking.

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