6 thoughts on “Update: Gosnell convicted

  1. Pennsylvania the home of the right wingers right winger Richard Mellon Scaife, more NRA members than any other state in the Union, and farsighted people who knew that the Hemlock tree would one day come in handy.

  2. Now the ugly really starts! An appeal has to answer for that spinal cord cutting. He wasn’t mutilating dead fetuses. The appeal is going to have to claim that the mother’s consent to the procedure precludes a homicide charge against the physician under Roe. I sorely doubt that the defense is sustainable, but the attempt is going to light a hellfire in right wing quarters. Worse to come…

  3. Forgive me, but aren’t there Planned Parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania?
    Safe, clean, legal, quite cheap, especially in the first trimester.
    The second trimester is a bit problematic, but women were coming to to this witch doctor to get them out of pregnancy when they were VERY far along…

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