6 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s blind spot

  1. And the damage both of them do has huge heaping chunks of burying women in crap. Of course, Maher does that too, in his own hip cool unreligious way, so maybe he’s trying rather hard not to see that commonality.

  2. Glenn Greewald ripped Maher a new one for being the apologist ass that he is. It was actually uncomfortable to watch Capitalist, warmonger Maher squriming in his chair. Bet Greenwald won’t be invited back anytime soon.

  3. Insofar that Maher might, perhaps, better qualify and/or explain his statements, I agree that some adjustments could be made to his delivery.
    But he’s not wrong; nor is he hypocritically defensive of other religions in pointing out their transgressions.
    He’s pointing out the inherent violence that exists in radical extremist Muslim quarters.
    It’s definitely there and acknowledging it doesn’t negate the craziness or the ugliness in Christian denominations right here at home, and I don’t think Maher’s statements intend to let Christianity off the hook for it’s own transgressions.

    Side note: Glenn Greenwald is a concern troll; concerned with seeming to be even handed. That was the only reason for what he was doing on Friday night. The minute he started reciting right-wing talking points on Benghazi, his entire act was exposed.

  4. On Maher, I just think it’s weird that he obsesses about it; sure you can make that argument about Islam, but you can do it about Christianity too, and at a certain point of abstraction it just becomes is the Flash faster than Superman, etc. I mean, it’s interesting to talk about, but so what? What do you do with the conclusion that some guy’s religion is 10% kookier than the others and incites 0.001 % of people to do bad things? With Maher, it just seems to boil down to Scary Other!, which isn’t what liberals are supposed to be about. As for Greenwald, omg, yeah, I know people hate him whenever he doesn’t seem to line up perfectly with Team D, but I didn’t hear anything more incendiary about Benghazi than his default position, which is that he’s inherently skeptical of any government explanation When Things Go Wrong and would like to know for himself what the truth is.

  5. “Right wing talking points on Benghazi?” Which talking points would those be? The ones about Hillary up to her neck in all of the lying, misdirection, and just plain bullshit that she was putting out? Or the ones about Petraeus trying to cover his political ass by changing his talking points 12 times. Maybe it was Jay Carney lying to the American people from his podium? We still don’t know why Amb. Stevens was sitting in a CIA compoud in Benghazi that even the CIA told the State Department was an unsafe place to be? Or why after RPG’s were fired at the compound the American public was being told that it “was an impromptu demonstration fueled by an anti-Islamic movie funded by a right wing group in the U.S.” Greewald is man of the Left. Bill Maher is a man of the Capitalist money machine (1%).

  6. Keep in mind that the Catholics have a 600 year head start. I guess the fair comparison is Islam today to Christianity circa 1600.

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