3 thoughts on “Oh dear. Baby Darrell will cry.

  1. Is Hillary actually cleared? I do question: With all of the budget cuts over the years for things too numerous to list to fund corporate wars, were there cuts in securtiy for our foreign offices?

  2. Hillary cleared. That’s pretty sanguineous. Why was Amb. Stevens in a CIA compoud in Benghazi? James Carville, “Hillary is now more likely to run (for the presidency) because she knows who her enemies are.” Carville was responding to a question about Benghazi. Reflect on his statemement for a minute. Carville seems to be saying, and he should know, that Hillary is really motivated to run now and become the president so that she can exact revenge on her “enemies.” It puts one in mind of another politician who wanted to become the Chancellor so that he could exact revenge on his preceived enemies…. the Jews. Hillary is one scary woman.

  3. Darrel Issa won’t be deflected one whit by investigative facts. “Quick find me some janitor who can testify that Hillary flushed the office commode on September 11th!”

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