Only commercially viable science for Canda’a NRC….

I just saw this.

The government of Canada believes there is a place for curiosity-driven, fundamental scientific research, but the National Research Council is not that place.

“Scientific discovery is not valuable unless it has commercial value,” John McDougall, president of the NRC, said in announcing the shift in the NRC’s research focus away from discovery science solely to research the government deems “commercially viable”.

Are they joking? No.

Gary Goodyear, minister of state for science and technology, announced last week that the NRC will shift its focus away from so-called basic research — science for no immediate purpose other than knowledge-gathering — to “large-scale research projects that are directed by and for Canadian business.” In other words, the government is set to transform the agency’s $900-million budget into a business subsidy.

I hope the trend does not comes here. You know, that would be disastrous.

I am winking, now.

2 thoughts on “Only commercially viable science for Canda’a NRC….

  1. “Am I to understand, Dr. Fleming, that you are making application for a grant to study that icky furry stuff that grows on spoiled fruit?”

  2. {speechless}
    How do you know it’s not commercially viable until you study it?

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