3 thoughts on “Nope

  1. The rating agencies really had no roll in tanking the economy. Every major bank and investment house knows how well every company on earth is doing hour by hour. The ratings agencies were set up to fool stupid investors. For anybody to rely on what Moody’s says or what Standard and Poor’s says about any companies ability to make money for its investors is irresponsible. We should all do our own research. Never believe that the 1%, or those reresenting the 1%, are giving us the facts and the truth. About anything.

  2. Talk about fox guarding the hen house. Ratings agencies are as guilty as the Banksters and Hedge Fund Fraudsters. In fact, if they hadn’t been in bed with the scheme, it couldn’t have happened at all. And the shit is, the Villagers still act like their opinion matters.

  3. We don’t need to do a thing if we just resolve to not bail anyone out. What’s left in this market is mostly sophisticated buyers and sellers. Certainly those are the only investors who should have touched CDO’s.

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