8 thoughts on “How people get rich

  1. Government is not the problem. Politicians are the problem. “We the people” ‘are’ the government. Our elected officials (politicians) are bought and paid for by the rich (1%). “We” get to vote for the lesser of two evils. The whack and the whacked-out. The rich (1%) has rigged and fixed the system in their favor with their money making the political process illegitemate and our elected officials frauds.

  2. Born on third base and think they hit a triple.

    Most rich people get their wealth the old fashioned way… they inherit it. Pie chart (for real) needs another slice.

  3. I guess “being born son/daughter of rich people” goes into the slot Lucky.

  4. Maybe one or two other pieces of pie in the “for real” chart. Add in “Pathological exploitation of natural resources”, coupled with “externalizing costs and wastes on the natural world and less powerful humans”, plus of course “privatize all gains; socialize all losses” – and of course “Destroy the Commons or make usage of the Commons illegal”.

  5. We’re almost done, Russ.
    Add “avoid taxes” and the picture is nearly complete.

  6. Lawrence Lessig has given a TED talk (an abbreviation of an hour long talk on Vimeo) about corruption in elections and thus government and the absolute imperative to root it out. Corporations are not people and “Citizens United” is a falsely named law that has undermined the power of government. The talk is called, “We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim” and it is available on YouTube.

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