I know you’ll be shocked, but…

Darrell Issa is a liar!

Rep. Darrel Issa, the committee’s chairman, said that the committee learned just yesterday that the IRS completed its own investigation a year before a Treasury Department Inspector General report was completed.

But here’s the letter he wrote to the IRS inspector general a year ago about this very thing! He even cited this article in Roll Call.

Meanwhile, the real scandals – millions out of the work force, college grads who can’t get jobs, banks stealing houses unabated — those scandals go unattended. I wonder why.

Thanks to DUI lawyer Kush Arora.

2 thoughts on “I know you’ll be shocked, but…

  1. Why unattended? So that innocent people can be beheaded in the street, justifying the repression and violation of human rights that the 1% and conservatives have been working toward for decades.

  2. The middle word in “Mainstream Corporate Media” is CORPORTATE, after all.

    They control the news, except for a few openings still available, either through a few papers practicing real journalism or through access points on the internet.

    Corporatists and their running dog Corporatist lackeys are working on limiting the internet access as we speak*. And trying to buy up all the papers, as well.

    *Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, plus the new one proposed to bring Europe and the US “closer” together.

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