Free market capitalism

SO great that we’re sharing proud traditions like this:

Cambodian police used cattle prods to stun workers protesting over pay at a factory that makes clothing for U.S. sportswear company Nike – injuring at least 23 women and causing one to miscarry her baby.

Police dressed in riot gear were deployed to move around 3,000 predominantly female workers who had blocked a road outside their factory owned by Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing in Kampong Speu province, west of the capital, Phnom Penh, in Cambodia today.

Among the 23 women injured in the incident was a two-months pregnant worker who lost her child after military police pushed her to the ground, Sun Vanny, president of the Free Trade Union (FTU) at Sabrina said.

I’m sure all the right to life conservatives will immediate divest themselves of Nike stock!

4 thoughts on “Free market capitalism

  1. Most, some say all, revolutions are triggered by a small segment of the 1% (the Capitalist class) trying to wrest power from the rest of their group. The 99% seldom initiates a revolution. For two reasons. #1. They usually die in large numbers. #2. They seldom get to share in the spoils of war. The success of any relolution depends on the salesmenship of the intelligentsia and the amount of support that the merchant class (entrepreneur) gives.

  2. Well you can’t expect the Walton family to be distracted from collecting all the money in the world simply because of the fate of a few (million) of the proletariat.

  3. More likely they will call for an investigation of the woman who miscarried.

    Better yet, this selfish irresponsible woman should be immediately arrested and charged for recklessly and unauthorizedly putting her innocent defenseless fetus in harm’s way.

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