3 thoughts on “The real Obama scandal

  1. With his probable nomination of Comey to lead the FBI, Obama is no longer trying to hide the fact that he’s a Republican. Not that the Democratic Party is any bargin these days. The Party is hardly left-of-center having been captured by Capitalist, neo-con warmongers like Hillary and the Clintonites.

  2. In its public comments, U.S. EPA pointed out how deplorably awful the environmental impact statement for this river of bitumen proposal was. Indeed, U.S. EPA indicated as broadly as possible that if the EIS isn’t redone to account for real-world conditions, the Agency would in all probability sue to stop the work from going forward.

    If Oblablah wants to buck that, let him. The real scandal would be if EPA follows the path they’ve outlined, and then Obomber intervenes with the EPA to get someone more “realistic” and “amenable”.

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