Reclaiming Zuccotti Park

Begins today.

9AM: Convergence Begins! Bring your signs, your opinions, your children – bring your willingness to support your fellow human beings and speak truth to power! Bring your books, to rebuild the People’s Library… and your willingness to read and share, to compare facts and help identify where things went wrong so we can put things right together!

Noon: Protest In Solidarity with Istanbul Gezi Parki Occupiers. A peaceful international solidarity event, with the goal to direct public attention to Istanbul Gezi Parki protests and consequent police brutality of AKP/Erdogan government! For more information, see thefacebook event.

6PM: People’s Assembly! Come be a part of political dissent and talk to others in a non-oppressive, horizontal assembly. We invite performers, musicians, puppeteers and artists to come perform at the assembly. We will be fluid and will respond to the needs of the community in stewarding the assembly. Simply raising your voice in public and saying “Enough!” can be a radically transformative act, and our voice shared together is a mighty thing to behold! For more information on The People’s Assembly, visit this facebook event page.

Sleeping on the sidewalk as an act of protest is legal

8PM: Sleep Cell Convergence! Occupy Wall Street changed the conversation by putting our bodies on the line in protest to the corruption we see eroding the very world around us, and while a mass re-occupation effort at Liberty Squarewill end only with police violence and put us in harm’s way in the attempt, smaller groups acting on a temporary basis with greater mobility can succeed far more effectively at spreading our message and challenging the worldview that is tearing us apart.

When the sun sets on Saturday, all who are willing to take hard ground and take a stand will converge together to decide their targets and their tactics autonomously without central direction – a process that can’t be predicted and prepared against by the NYPD. No experience necessary – we will be spreading legal training and our experience in what has worked (and what has not worked) in past efforts by mixing NYC sleep-cell activists in each group as-needed, so that locals and visitors, new activists and experienced Sleepful Protestors can work together keeping each other safe and achieving the objective. We also encourage you to read the zine Basic Blockading by Delia Smith.

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