4 thoughts on “Sunstruck

  1. Yes, especially the day after. I think it’s damage to the skin from sun radiation. I get that way even after covering up, and using hats and sun screen. The best way to avoid summertime overexertion is to follow the example of Mexican farmworkers. Do the strenuous stuff early in the morning or toward sunset when it’s cooling down. Do indoor stuff–the big meal of the day, siesta, preparing meals, laundry and dishes–during the heat of the day. Turn in early so you can get up at least an hour before daybreak, and get lots of water.

  2. Definitely get plenty of water. It sounded like it was hot, so a little dehydrated, maybe?

  3. Maybe you just haven’t had time to acclimate yourself to hot, humid weather. After all, we’ve have mostly a chilly and somewhat wet Spring in the Mid-Atlantic area, with no gradual warming, just sudden spikes and drops in temps.

    I felt wrung out, too, and wasn’t in the sun much at all. (Northern NJ suboonia.)

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