We’ve seen misleading theatrical staging before (remember Colin Powell at the U.N.? Jessica Lynch, the Iraq babies in incubators…) You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to see the holes the Boston bombing narrative. I have no theories about why or who, but clearly we’re not getting the truth.

I’m sure our beloved corporate media will get right on that!

2 thoughts on “Conspiracies

  1. Oh great! Now the left has its Alex Jones. Let’s see Russ, what are the odds that a GUY with exactly my SS#, my AGE and DOB would be sitting at this address at 11:45 am and reading your bizarre theories on a respectable blog site. Why they must be just astronomical! Baker has zero comprehension of the Occam’s Razor principle.

    Subsidiary question: Would you give an interview to Alex Jones?

  2. Iless, I don’t get your sarcasm here.
    Baker’s analysis seems credible and troubling.
    He provides enough detail to make his concerns plausible.

    It looks as though we have another JFK, RFK, MLK, 9/11 situation, and will probably never know the whole truth.

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