IRS ‘scandal’ central

Just in case you’re not up to date on the latest in GOP outrage over the manufactured IRS “scandal”!

Fabulist Bob Woodward asks questions about the IRS “scandal” that have already been answered. But whatever!

Dana Milbank makes actual sense:

A third House committee joined the stampede to examine the IRS on Monday, and its chairman did exactly what you would expect somebody to do before launching a fair and impartial investigation: He went on Fox News Channel and implicated the White House.

Asked by Fox’s Bill Hemmer what he hoped to learn at Monday afternoon’s hearing, Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) offered this bit of pre-hearing analysis:

“Of course, the enemies list out of the White House that IRS was engaged in shutting down or trying to shut down the conservative political viewpoint across the country — an enemies list that rivals that of another president some time ago.”

It was a sentence in need of a verb but packed with innuendo. And it is part of an approach by House Republicans that seems to follow the Lewis Carroll school of jurisprudence. Not only are they placing the sentence before the verdict, they’re putting the verdict before the trial.

The Associated Press writes about the whole thing as if it was something to be taken seriously. Which is why most people no longer take the AP seriously.

Even Lindsey Graham admits there’s no evidence. Every once in a while, he actually tells the truth.