Rahm Emanuel Is Sending Rich, Dumb Dems To Christie

From Down With Tyranny’s Howie Klein:

Frank Lautenberg died Sunday night. He was, at 89 the oldest member of the Senate, had been ill for a long time and his death doesn’t surprise many. Now Obama’s BBF, Gov. Chris Christie gets to appoint a successor. Lautenberg was a dependable progressive across the board. His ProgressivePunch crucial vote score was 94.05, just between Barbara Boxer and Tammy Baldwin. Although, like many of his wealthy liberal colleagues, he sometimes joined with the Republicans to pass corporate-friendly policies, there were no issues he wasn’t one of the best in the Senate on. Christie is not likely to pick someone nearly as good– on any issues.

Today is primary day in New Jersey, although neither Republican incumbent Christie nor Democratic challenger Barbara Buono has any real competition. Buono’s problem is that– largely thanks to Obama and a superficial media– Christie has an undeserved reputation as a moderate. His record is that of a hard core right-winger, far out of step with most New Jersey voters. Buono has been having a hard time raising money and Christie is busy defining her before she can define herself. So far Christie has raised $6.6 million and Buono has raised $2.3 million. The Newark Star-Ledgerreported yesterday that Christie has been reaping a great deal of money from Democrats, many sent his way by Rahm Emanuel, a conservative with many of the same pro-Wall Street policy agendas as Christie. I know it isn’t politically correct to say “retarded,” but that’s probably the best way to describe the “Democrats” writing big checks to Christie.

Christie’s partnership with New Jersey [super-corrupt] Democratic leaders and his warm relationship with Obama after Hurricane Sandy could be enticing donors who don’t often give to GOP candidates, even if they are closer ideologically to Democrat Barbara Buono, Christie’s lesser-known challenger, political scientists and Democratic fundraisers say.

“While I do not agree with his stance on every issue, he is one of the best political leaders I have talked to in a long time,” said Ken Rosen, a UC-Berkeley professor who cut a $3,800 check to Christie after chatting with him at two events. “He is willing to take on tough issues such as pension reform, education reform, mental-health issues, even if his views are not politically correct.”

Tim Mullen, a Chicago investor who gave more than $100,000 to Emanuel’s campaign for mayor in 2011 and bundled from $200,000 to $500,000 for Obama in 2008, has also sent Christie a maximum donation, as has his wife Alice. Mullen was already a Christie donor in 2009, state records show.

…Brigid Harrison, a political science professor at Montclair State University, said much of Christie’s Democratic support stems from a recent fundraiser in California with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. If those West Coast donors knew more about Christie’s conservative record inside the Statehouse– vetoing a same-sex marriage bill and minimum-wage increase, for example– they might not be so eager to open their wallets, she said.

“These are exactly the type of donors (Buono) would need in order to put a chink in Christie’s armor,” Harrison said. “For people who do not live in the state of New Jersey, Christie’s bipartisan rhetoric is wildly appealing, particularly for those who don’t scratch beneath the surface.”

This blog has endorsed Buono and you can contribute to her campaign here. Maximum contribution is $3,800. And there is no minimum. Do you hate Chris Matthews? Add an extra $5 to what you want to contribute to Buono.

2 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel Is Sending Rich, Dumb Dems To Christie

  1. Guess who the 1% (Capitalists) want as our next president? And it ain’t Hillary. In Obama’s world Christie is a moderate. Eric Holder was appointed by Reagan to be a judge. Comey, the next FBI director was a Bush appointee. Penny Moneybags claims to be a Democrat but it’s not so. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presided over the two of destructive (to the 99%) administrations in American history. Clinton’s NAFTA allowed millions of American jobs to migrate where wages were low and benifits didn’t exist. Overseas. Bye, bye unions. His repeal of Glass-Steagall allowed just 6 banks to now control 50% of our yearly GDP. Bush finished us off by pursuing the neo-cons (Zionists and Orientalists) dream of “digesting the area from the Nile to the Euphratse.” Hence the need to fight the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What about Obama? That Messiah has morphed into the anti-Christ.

  2. Bingo, Imhotep.

    “I know it isn’t politically correct to say “retarded,” but that’s probably the best way to describe the “Democrats” writing big checks to Christie.”

    Wrong, dead wrong, and Howie Klein is much too smart not to know it.

    These are Dems who supported Rahmbo and his “sell the public schools to for profit ghouls” policy in the name of education reform. These are Dems who support Barry’s “death from the skies” foreign policy. These are Dems who support the thwarting of implementation of the incredibly inadequate Dodd-Frank “reforms” that they supported weakening in the first place. These are Dems who can’t wait for SS and Medicare to be cut, if only those dumb Repubs would wake up and stop seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

    In other words, this is your Dem Party. CC is on board with the agenda, and the labels aren’t that important to our governing overloards.

    Wake up, Pilgrims.

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