Should this even have been an issue?

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – An ill Salvadoran woman who delivered a baby without a brain through a cesarean section after being denied a medical abortion is recovering well and has had her tubes tied as she requested, doctors said Tuesday.

The 22-year-old woman was stable and remained in intensive care because of her fragile health, doctors said.

“This is a period of high risk because of possible post-surgery complications related to her health,” said Dr. Xenia Sandoval, head of the Intensive Care Unit at Maternity Hospital.

Her baby girl was born without a brain and died five hours after the woman had a C-section Monday.

The woman, known only as Beatriz for privacy reasons, underwent the operation after 27 weeks of pregnancy.

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  1. A sad commentary on the cold blooded nature of the religious right. A woman sentenced to death based on someone’s religion. Saved (if she survives) only at the 11th hour because of the brave actions of a medical professional. Women are perilously close to facing their murder in this country by the American Taliban: You have to die because my god wants it.

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