2 thoughts on “Yep

  1. This so reminds me of a criminal appeal I handled in law school a million years ago. The defendant, a basketball recruit at a southern powerhouse, hired a prostitute for a BJ. When, deciding he wanted more, he discovered that the prostitute was actually a transvestite, he pulled out a gun and shot off half her face (she somehow managed to survive). There were no solid appeal arguments, so I argued breach of contract. Needless to say, the defendant stayed in Attica to serve out his sentence. I got an A+ in the course, based on the originality of my argument and the caliber of my writing. Though I was sorry the defendant had thrown his life away, all in all, the results were just.
    The result here is so twisted as to be incomprehensible. This is one sick country.

  2. There is a back story that has to explain part of this. Yes it is Texas, but twelve jurors getting this wrong? I would love to see the jury instructions that were given to explain the “Stand Your Ground” feature of the law of self defense. I fear that the jury was nearly instructed to acquit.

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