2 thoughts on “Economic recovery?

  1. Free market Capitalists are blaming women who work outside the home for the breakdown of the nuclear family in America? Really? Financial problems are the #1 cause for divorce in America. Are women to blame for the high rate of divorce? Or is the fact that free market Capitalists aren’t paying a living wage and benifits to ‘one’ wage earner the cause? Because free market Capitalists pay slave wages, both partners in a marriage are forced to work just to sustain their family unit. Perhaps more women are free market Capitalists then men. If that’s the case then divorce, the breakdown of the nuclear family, wars, pestilence, and crime are all the fault of women?

  2. People who rent tires and take out payday loans are going to self fund retirement? This is why I predict that we will print money to cover Medicare until the inflation hits the one percent harder than a tax increase.

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