Moral Mondays

The things going on in North Carolina are just awful, but the citizens aren’t taking it lying down:

Moral Monday organizers say they’re expecting more than 1,000 people at this evening’s protest at the state legislative building, marking what could be the largest protest yet.

In the run-up to the weekly Moral Monday demonstration, schoolchildren will wheel red wagons filled with 100 pounds of petitions to Gov. Pat McCrory’s office this afternoon. The petitions, which represent 16,000 signatures, call on McCrory to keep the cap on class sizes and oppose private school vouchers.

Former congressman and state Superintendent Bob Etheridge is expected to be among those joining the schoolchildren in the petitions delivery. The plan is for the petitions to be delivered at 4:15 p.m., followed by a protest on Halifax Mall at 5 p.m.

[…] After last week’s demonstration, McCrory called for an end to the Moral Monday protests, calling them “unlawful.” At his party’s NC GOP convention in Charlotte Saturday, McCrory said he was not intimidated by the protests.

“They should not be blocking the business of North Carolina,” McCrory said Tuesday. “They are allowed to protest, but sometimes I think we congratulate people for blocking things and being unlawful.”

3 thoughts on “Moral Mondays

  1. If it were something less than a 2,000 mile drive, I’d join them. Oh, and McCrory’s a fascist dick!

  2. BTW, just heard Philly’s Dem Mayor defend the Republican Governor’s decision to replace schools with prisons. WTF?

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