Worse than the Stasi

Today’s NSA.

Our movements as we walk about in the city are traced, tracked and recorded – almost down to the footstep level. Every step you take, they’ll be watching you. If you deviate more than 100 meters from your usual path, that can be noted and flagged. The first time you see your own movement maps, and realize that somebody else is gather this information to use it against you, sends shivers down your spine. Where were you on April 17, 2012, at 13:21 European time? You were on the move, but at what speed? Whence and whither? Somebody has an answer to that question, and it’s not you.

This leads us to the key difference between the Stasi horror dystopia and the worse society today. Those of us who have read or seen 1984 recall that if the government didn’t catch what you were saying at the time you said it, you had gotten away. Words disappeared as fast as they were spoken and heard, or not heard.

That’s different today. In those dystopias, anything you said could and would be used against you. In our today, anything you say can and will be used against you, today or decades into the future. Everything is recorded. Everything.

If you’re redflagged for some stupid reason one year from today, what you were saying just five minutes ago will come under scrutiny, and whom you spoke them to. If the laws or social norms change to make the things you do right now suspicious in a decade, you’re going to be seen as a suspicious individual if somebody finds out – for everything is recorded.

Thanks to Ed Tayter.

2 thoughts on “Worse than the Stasi

  1. well the thing about cameras is that the webcam operation on my laptop puts out a yellow light when it is on. And I don’t think there’s any backdoor way to disable that option remotely. It is not even software, but ‘firmware connected to hardware’ in the machine itself. It would be easy to make that completely hardware and thus untweakable. So yeah, if the light goes on, someone may be watchug your streaming transmission. You can turn your machine off, you know, too.
    Unplug it even. When there’s no juice there’s no camera operating either.

  2. Really? We’re still trying to label this and not call it out for what it is? America: False flags, terrorists, assholes, staged bullshit. Are you kidding me? Cut it out.

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